CIREXA S.A.The labor on the land is a task that demands time and dedication all year round. The plums blossoming begin in September, covering the orchards with a fragrant white blanket. The irrigation and fertilization of the crops begins at this stage in order to achieve the development of fruits of quality.

Blossoming Calendar: September


The harvest begins in the orchards about mid February when it is determined by the fruit's sugar content and firmness. This task takes about 25 days.

Harvest Time:
Month: February
Time: between 25 and 30 days approximately.

We have automated dehydrators, where the fruit, once washed, is dehydrated through temperature and hygiene controlled operations to obtain uniform prunes.

Conservation: Once prunes are dehydrated and their moisture reduced to between 20 % - 21 %, they are stored in natural conditions until their packing.


EmpaqueIt begins with the inspection of the fruits, their grading by size and their washing with properly processed water. Next they are steam rehydrated and pitted automatically by state of the art pitting machines.

Potassium sorbate is the only preservative employed to avoid damages caused by molds and yeasts.


- 10 Kilograms Cartons for Tenderized Prunes pitted and unpitted.
-50 Kilograms Bags for Prunes natural conditions.


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