About us

Cirexa s.a.

is a company founded by growers which is located in the southern valley of the Atuel river, General Alvear, Mendoza, Argentina. Its privileged geographic position, a suitable climate for crops and good agricultural practices enable it to produce French Prunes in a completely natural way reaching the high standards that are demanded by the most exacting markets.

Our orchards are irrigated by thaw waters of the Atuel river coming from the Andes. The intense cold of winter, the hot and dry summers, the optimum humidity conditions and the fertile land facilitate the production of a noble, natural and healthy produce with nutritional and cancer preventing properties: a natural source of health.

  • Our aim is to supply consumers with healthy and natural products.




Being a leader and regional level concerning the export of dried fruit.


Dried fruit market for domestic and international markets.
Having the ability to respond to the demands of it, through the establishment of quality standards.


Commit to the development of the region, providing tools for sustainable development.
Being responsible with the care and preservation of the environment.